Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I thank you, Tibbs

Been in Guatemala for almost 2 weeks now, and I have done nothing productive.
Nothing. Apparently procrastination follows me into the summer.

I was planning on taking French classes, but I just found out that the saturday classes I wanted to take might not be good for me since I'll be traveling the next two week, and missing 2 intensive french classes might be pointless...

In other news, Gerry's friends from Florida are coming to visit tomorrow, it'll be a lot of fun. One of them asked me to help design a tattoo for him, he'll get it done here at the place we go to. I was honored, and started drawing. I'm suddenly thanking all those weeks dedicated to line drawing in art class. For real, never been more grateful. After I get some drawings down I'll upload it to the computer and do some better line drawings with photoshop. And then to the tattoo shop for any last edits. It'll be fun. If it comes out awesome (and it should, since someone is trusting one of my drawings to be on his body for the rest of his life), I'll add it to my art portfolio. It'll be an interesting addition.

I should go sketch out some things. And cut my hair. Yes cutting my hair would be fantastic right now.

I am seriously considering starting a blog dedicated to mustaches of the world.

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