Monday, May 11, 2009

Caffeine makes me want to pee more than usual.

And this is a rather unfortunate fact because I hate public bathrooms. Not that I can really escape them since I live on a freshman dorm with communal bathrooms... But at least I wish I didn't have to go pee on the Science Library's ONE toilet that has to be shared by almost the whole Brown community. It is also final's week so even MORE people share this toilet. Not cool.

Almost 5 hours later I finished about 40 pages of reading. I feel rather unaccomplished, given the fact that my final is tomorrow at 6 pm. That gives me... about 38 more hours to read. Not enough, at all.

Brown has these ridiculous safety measures. We have a thing called safe ride, which is basically a car that goes around campus dropping off students in different locations. That ends at 3 am. We also have safe walkers which are students that walk around campus and can walk you anywhere in campus, that way you don't have to walk all alone at night. That ends at 2 am.

So here I am, at 4.45 am. Walking home, all alone. Yes...


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