Sunday, May 17, 2009

Airports make me feel lonely

So I'm changing the pace around here again... My last post was just a little too serious. I have to make this whimsical, and fun, and dumb!

As I write this I'm sitting at Logan airport, gate A7. Someone near me is eating delicious smelling chinese food. I haven't eaten much in the past few days...

I just realized how little i've slept this week. I mean, I have mono, but I also had finals so sleeping wasn't an option. When I finished my last final on thursday, I stayed up till 5 in the morning packing. I then woke up at 8 to continue doing things. Last night I had about 30 minutes of sleep, I finished packing around 5 am but couldn't sleep from the sound of my roommate packing. either way i was getting up at 6 am to finish everything so I could get to boston in time.


I always have dark circles, its a genetic thing I guess.. and I've been a stressed out perfectionist since I was 6. BUT THIS IS JUST RIDICULOUS.
For real, it looks like there's some purple monster growing underneath my eye. It POPS OUT. I can see all the veins and grossness. I gross myself out. I can't even hide it with make up. I don't wear base and usually don't use much concealer, but I tried to at least make it look normal, but I can't make it look less purple. its just there. Or maybe I just suck at applying makeup. But this is is almost as noticeable as my glasses and septum piercing. It just stabs you in the eye with a very sharp knife. I would take a picture, but people would look at me funny. And I already feel self conscious enough... :(

I'm seeing this boy soon (and the zebra too)

:D And he's fantastic because he won't care that the purple dude from McDonald's has decided to make my eye its home.
There's a great summer ahead of us :]

By the time I post this I'll probably be home, I refuse to pay for WiFi. Or maybe the Texans will give me free internet? I just figured I would write something about that creature growing in my face.

I really wish I could be watching some videos of cute animals... My next post will be all about cute animals. I promise.

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  1. eagerly awaiting cute animals!!!

    also, sorry about your eyes :( make people think you got in a really big fight and you'll look super intense. :)