Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I fell inlove

With this toy: the tenori-on

My life will be incomplete until i save up 1000 dollars to buy one. And it will not be a worthless buy. I like music experimentation. This will only allow me to explore...

Created a new deviant art account, mostly to create somewhat of a portfolio, and hopefully get some feedback.

Decided to become completely straight edge. Will explain why some other time
Also decided to become less of a materialist. I will not buy things I don't need, I will get rid of things I own but don't need. I will start making things I need if I can, instead of buying them.

I want to dedicate myself more to my art. I want to rededicate myself to music.
I want to read more, read more political theory. I want to know what I believe in in depth.

There's this picture that's been in my head for a few days now. I need to draw it... I just don't bring myself to do it in fear that it won't be like the picture in my head...

Soon. These are like my mid-year resolutions..

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

In the past few days

I hiked an active volcano

Went to prom. Ha.

Designed a tattoo for a friend.
And ended up hating photoshop forever. Or at least for a few more days.

Soon we'll go to a lake and a town that is actually the second biggest city in Guatemala (yet it is still a town). Then we're going to a free theme park. And then next week we're going to Tikal.

I accidentally bit my lip ring and now its in a funky shape and I can't get it out of my lip. Thank god i'm going to the piercing place today anyway and hopefully it'll be removed...

24 degrees Celsius out, perfect.